Amazon Prime re-releases a classic: Road House

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After 35 years since its original release, the remake of Road House will be available on March 21st.

Undoubtedly, an 80s classic: Dalton is a tough guy, yet kind-hearted, with voluminous hair and a mysterious past, whose trademark is to end bar fights without killing, while trying to appease the situation with dishonorable businessmen.

Amazon Prime is now remaking this classic with Jake Gyllenhaal as the protagonist, who already in the first trailer shows that he is by no means inferior to Patrick Swayze in his prime:

What to expect from the Road House remake on Prime Video?

Released in 1989, Road House tells the story of John Dalton (Patrick Swayze) as a martial artist who gets a job as a bouncer at a violent bar. In the remake, director Doug Liman “updates” the film when Dalton is a former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) fighter, who gets a job at a bar in the Florida Keys.

The new trailer shows Dalton facing great financial difficulties and becoming a bouncer at a bar in Florida, after being found sleeping in his car by the owner. In his new job, Dalton is involved in a war against ruthless bikers and outlaws, including real-life UFC fighter Conor McGregor.

The trailer indicates that the fight scenes between Jake Gyllenhaal and McGregor promise to be the highlight of the film. Especially because the Hollywood newcomer is an established MMA star, specializing in boxing, taekwondo, brazilian jiu-jitsu, and karate.

The plot promises plenty of action, fighting, and a touch of comedy. Without a doubt, we have a high-octane masterpiece on Prime Video!

Jake Gyllenhaal’s Transformation to Portray the Road House Bouncer

The actor developed his physique to be perfectly characterized as a UFC fighter. This physique is used to keep the bar’s clients in line.

Inarguably, Jake Gyllenhaal is the best choice to play the tough character Dalton. The actor has already shown a lot of personality in films:

  • Southpaw (2015), as the boxer Billy;
  • Nightcrawler (2014), activating his more edgy side and bringing a high degree of realism in terms of wickedness.
Jake Gyllenhaal in “Nightcrawler”

In 2023, the audience at the official weigh-in for UFC 285 in Las Vegas could already see a little of what Jake’s role in the Road House remake would be like. Some scenes from the film were shot on location, and the actor acted like a true fighter, shouting a lot to the audience.

Finally, everything indicates that Jake has the requirements to interpret Dalton with mastery, just like Patrick Swayze.

Trivia about the Road House remake

Previously, it was planned that the film would also be shown in theaters, but Prime Video canceled the idea, which irritated director Doug Liman. The filmmaker even begged Amazon to sell the distribution rights to another studio, which was obviously rejected.

Furthermore, the initial plan for the remake aimed to cast former UFC fighter Ronda Rousey as the protagonist. The news made headlines in 2015, when she was at the peak of her career inside and outside the octagon. However, the reason why Ronda was excluded from the remake is unknown.

When does the Road House remake arrive on Prime Video?

Road House will be released on Prime Video on March 21st.

With breathtaking action scenes, the remake promises to revive the nostalgia of the 80s with an extra dose of adrenaline. Moviegoers can expect an exciting and energetic reinterpretation of the original classic.

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