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Are you used to digital books? In the last decade, more people have turned to devices like computers, cell phones, and virtual readers to maintain the habit of reading.

Thus, the e-book and audiobook market is already a reality. There are those who prefer the ease of navigation, portability, making annotations, and even listening to them while doing physical activities or household chores, in the case of audiobooks.

In this article, we will introduce Storytel: a true universe of digital books, and how it can help you dive into the world of literature in both an executive and recreational way.

Happy reading!

What is Storytel?

Storytel is one of the largest audiobook and e-book streaming services in the world and offers over half a million titles to listen to and read on a global scale. Perfect for you, a book lover, who finds yourself unable to read as much as you would like due to lack of time.

Imagine doing your tasks and at the same time catching up on your reading? With audiobooks, the excuse of not being able to stop to read is over, now you can “read” even while on the move.

Today, Storytel operates in more than 20 countries and is not just a platform but a group that operates in two aspects: streaming and publishing.

How does Storytel work?

Using a smartphone (Android or iOS), you need to install the platform’s app for free. For less than half the price of a single physical book, you:

  • Get a Storytel subscription;
  • Have access to thousands of e-books and audiobooks, in other languages if you prefer;
  • Can download titles to listen to and read offline;
  • Kids mode, and much more

After that, you can also listen to your books via Apple Watch and Apple CarPlay.

What is Storytel’s Kids Mode?

Kids Mode is a feature of the Storytel app that presents children’s stories with a filter.

After activating it, you need to set a PIN code to ensure that a child stays in Kids Mode. Among titles like Angry Birds: Wreck the halls, Snowball, Mission Memory Fairy, and much more, the child will have a private list and will receive recommendations based on what they have consumed before.

Storytel Listening Goal

Among the various features that enhance your reading experience, one of the most interesting is Storytel Listening Goal.

To challenge yourself to consume more stories to laugh, learn, and be inspired, you can set a goal in the Storytel app for how many books you want to read/listen to in a certain period of time. Your progress will be recorded in the app.

While the app is in Kids Mode, the books that are read/listened to will not be counted toward the goal.

You can share your goal with others, but also with yourself to keep this record in your smartphone’s gallery.

Storytel Catalog

To give you an idea of the enormity of the catalog, Storytel has made the entire Harry Potter series available, the Agatha Christie collection, and constantly adds its exclusive stories, called Storytel Originals, which you can only find there!

There are more than 15 categories that organize the entire catalog, including:

  • Biographies
  • Crime
  • Economy and business
  • History
  • Fantasy & Scifi
  • Religion & Spirituality
  • Fiction
  • Short Stories
  • Languages

Is it worth subscribing to Storytel?

Yes. Storytel stands out as an accessible platform for book lovers, offering a wide range of options in its catalog.

Famous titles such as the Hunger Games trilogy, in physical books you will find for more than half the price you pay for unlimited access on Storytel, along with thousands of other captivating titles.

If you’re unsure, you can still enjoy it for some days at no cost.

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