Where to watch Twisted Metal? Discover the synopsis and cast of the series!

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Twisted Metal is a vehicular combat series published by Sony Computer Entertainment, and developed by several companies during its tenure. The series began on PlayStation in 1995, currently has eight games and its last release was in 2012.

Now, for fans of the franchise, there is a series available on HBO Max.

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About the series


Twisted Metal is an action series, where outsider John Doe (Anthony Mackie) was hired to carry out a difficult mission: cross a post-apocalyptic United States to deliver a valuable package. Even though he is suspicious, he decides to accept the task hoping to completely change his life, with the reward offered. But he will soon discover that there are many people behind the object and making this delivery will be a more complicated job than he expected.

Origin and inspiration

Twisted Metal is one of PlayStation’s most iconic games. Released in 1995, the game was developed by American electronic game company SingleTrac and published by Sony Computer Entertainment.

The game’s inspiration came from films such as “Death Race 2000” and “Mad Max”, which featured deadly races in a post-apocalyptic world. Twisted Metal expanded this idea to include modified cars with special weapons and powers, creating a unique and fun universe. Furthermore, it is inspired by an original idea from the creators of Deadpool and Zombieland.

The series follows the same premise as the game, but with an original story and new characters.

Twisted Metal Cast

The cast includes some well-known faces in the cinematic universe, such as Anthony Mackie (John Doe), who plays the protagonist of “Twisted Metal” and became famous for playing the Falcon, from the Marvel films. In addition to him, actress Stephanie Beatriz (Quiet), who became quite famous in Brooklyn 99, playing detective Rosa Diaz.

Where to watch Twisted Metal?

If you are looking for where to watch Twisted Metal, know that it is available on some streaming services, such as Peacock and HBO Max.

The series availability may vary depending on the region in which you are located. For example, in the United States the series is available through Peacock. In Latin America, the series is available on HBO Max.

Release information

Twisted Metal, the series based on the PlayStation game, was released in the United States in July 2023 on the Peacock platform. Shortly after its debut in the USA, the series arrived in Brazil on HBO Max.

Since then it has been a success among fans of the franchise, who highly praise the fidelity to the game and eagerly await a season 2. Don’t miss the opportunity to check out the adaptation of the game that has been l

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