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Did you know that Amazon Music is included in your Prime membership?

If you’re looking for great sound quality and a wide variety of music options, you’re in the right place! Many people don’t know that Amazon Prime Video subscribers can enjoy music from the Amazon Music catalog, along with ad-free podcasts.

Pretty amazing, isn’t it? In this article, you’ll learn all about Amazon’s music streaming service!

How to Sign Up for Amazon Prime Music?

Amazon Prime Music isn’t exactly a stand-alone service. It’s offered by Amazon as a free benefit included in your Amazon Prime Video subscription. It offers around 100 million songs and podcasts, without ads, and with tracks available for offline listening.

Integration with Alexa

If you have one or more Alexas at home, Amazon Prime Music is the best app for integrating with your Speaker system. With it, you can select which Alexa to play music on, whether it’s a specific one in your house or multiple ones simultaneously in a created environment on the Alexa app.

How to Sign Up for Amazon Music Unlimited?

On the other hand, Amazon Music Unlimited is the subscription music service that includes all the features of Prime Music, plus a few more advantages.

Even if you’re already an Amazon Prime Video customer, you’ll need to sign up for Amazon Music Unlimited. This is the service that competes with Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, Tidal, and others.

What’s the Difference Between Prime Music and Music Unlimited?

Amazon Music Unlimited doesn’t offer a free ad-supported plan like Spotify does, but it does allow you to test the platform for 30 days at no cost in Brazil.

What are the Benefits of Amazon Music Unlimited?

Discover the HD Difference

Only Amazon Music Unlimited lets you listen to music the way the artist intended: with more clarity, richness, and pure emotion. And now, at no extra cost! So why listen any other way?

While standard audio definitions compress audio files and lose quality, check out the qualities of HD and Ultra HD formats:

  • Quality audio (also known as “lossless”)
  • Get double the bit rate of standard streaming services
  • Preserve the details of the original recording
  • Better than CD-quality audio (up to 24 bits, 192 kHz)
  • More than 10 times the bit rate of standard streaming services
  • Capture the nuances of the studio recording

Spatial Audio Experience

With Music Unlimited, you’re just a tap away from switching between Dolby Atmos and 360 Reality Audio mastering. These are two different mastering styles of the same song.

This helps you see which format you prefer for each song. Some songs benefit from the immersive and enjoyable nature of Dolby Atmos, while others may feel dull, quiet, and lacking energy with this mastering.

In other apps, you can switch formats, but it requires going into settings. In Amazon Music Unlimited, you have the benefit of simply dragging with your finger and selecting the format you want.

Offline Playback

In Prime Music, offline playback is only available for playlists with full access. But with Music Unlimited, as the name suggests, playback is unlimited as long as you’re not on the Music Unlimited single-device plan.

Streaming Limits

While Prime Music only allows you to use one device at a time, Music Unlimited varies depending on the plan you choose. Here’s how it breaks down:

Amazon Music Unlimited Individual Plan: One device at a time.

Amazon Music Unlimited Family Plan: Six devices at a time.

Amazon Music Unlimited single-device plan: One compatible device at a time.

So, Amazon Music Unlimited enhances your music experience with additional features like superior audio quality, special mastering, and greater playback flexibility.

Whether you’re looking for a wide selection of ad-free music and podcasts or you’re an audiophile seeking high-fidelity audio, Amazon’s platform has options to suit all tastes and musical preferences.

Try Amazon Music Unlimited and discover a world of quality and diverse sound!

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