The Best Apps To Watch Kids Movies

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Saturday morning cartoons are a thing of the past thanks to the plethora of streaming options available to kids.

Virtually every major entertainment channel has made their kids movies available for digital distribution and consumption and so one way or another accessing your children’s favorite movies is easier than ever .

However, the amount of services available does make it difficult to narrow down which app to use . To help you understand a little more about the most popular apps on the market and which you may want to use, below is a breakdown of a few of the streaming services that have a large amount of kids movies available.

Disney +

The first and most obvious choice is clearly Disney+. Having a massive library of films at their disposable and being the long time favorite of high production family friendly content Disney+ is a must have for any family. Disney’s acquisition of the Marvel comics franchise as well as notable intellectual properties like Star Wars have given them an almost unlimited amount of children’s films to offer its users.


Paramount+ is another favorite app among families with kids as they have movies like Dora and the Lost City of Gold , Paw Patrol The Movie , Jojo Siwa , Sonic the Hedge Hog , Clifford the Big Red Dog and many more. It’s access to all of Nickelodeon’s movies makes it hard to resist for families with young children.

Apple TV+

Peanuts peanuts and more peanuts! Apple TV’s exclusive deal with Peanuts Worldwide and Lee Mendelson Film Productions brings new originals together with beloved, classic “Peanuts” to Apple TV . They have also partnered with other studios like the Jim Henson company to bring other kids films to their streaming app. While its overall library of films is not as vast as Disney+ or even Paramount+ it should still be considered an option.


HULU’s deals with various production studios give it access to a revolving door of family friendly films not necessarily exclusive to HULU but since its owned primarily by DISNEY it’s focus is not children’s movies but is still included with a nice combo package of ESPN+ and Disney+ along with HULU ( ad supported ) since all three are owned by the same company . So you can get all tree for the same price as more


HBO has always been seen as an adult only entertainment channel with its famous original films and series but since its part of the Warner family it has access to all of the Warner Brothers entertainment including films like Space Jam, Tom & Jerry and all of the animated WB films.


NETFLIX offers a diverse range of original movies for children including Vivo , Extinct , Canvas , Klaus, Wish Dragon and many more . It also has the best parental control feature of any of the streaming services as the ‘Kids’ and ‘Family’ modes are hides all adult related content from a child’s view. NETFLIX continues to be king of the streaming universe and its superb selection of children’s movies is a big reason.

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