How to watch all the Matrix movies

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With the release of the latest Matrix film it has been close to 20 years since the trilogy had completed. To celebrate the newest film we have put together a list below to prepare for The Matrix 4 as well where you can watch the previous three movies.

The Matrix

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Matrix (1999) is available for streaming on HBO Max.

The production has become a true milestone in the history of cinema by uniting frenetic action, literary references with top-of-the-line visual effects.

The story follows Mr. Anderson a programmer who becomes known in the underworld as the legendary hacker Neo. He is sought out by the mysterious Morpheus, who reveals that our reality is just a machine-created simulation called the Matrix. Neo wakes up from the Matrix and his new allies believes that he is “The Chosen One”, who according to an ancient prophecy would be able to save humanity and end the war against the machines.


Matrix Reloaded

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Matrix Reloaded (2003) is available on , HBO Max .

Neo and his allies continue to fight to bring down the machines and free humanity. Next, the hero arrives in Zion, a human-populated city outside of the Matrix. His new mission is to get to the Source to finally destroy the machines once and for all.

Matrix Revolutions

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Matrix Revolutions is available on HBO Max .

Matrix Revolutions starts exactly from the point where Reloaded ended. The film hit theaters six months after its predecessor and finished the story planned by the Wachowski brothers. The film was the highest grossing of the trilogy, with more than $465 million in worldwide box office sales.


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Animatrix is available on HBO Max.

In addition to the trilogy in theaters, focused on Neo’s journey, the franchise was expanded into spin-offs in different media, such as video games, comics, and animation.

In total there are nine shorts that expand the mythology of the Matrix in different periods of time. There are stories that happen centuries before the first Matrix, while there are stories that happen between the movies.

Now that you know where to watch the Matrix trilogy on the air, you can also have the physical media of the films with the definitive editions for Blu-ray and DVD.

 Matrix Resurrections

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In addition to the return of Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss, the new movie will see the introduction of new faces like Neil Patrick Harris, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II and Jessica Henwick. The Matrix Resurrections is available for streaming on HBOMAX

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