What to expect from the final episode of “Secret Invasion”

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Spoiler alert ! This article will reveal surprises if you have not watched episodes 5 or 6 of secret invasion .
Marvel will release the final episode of Secret Invasion TOMORROW on Disney+! In this way, the first series of the 5 phase of the MCU will come to an end in 24 hours.

Here we are, getting ready to say goodbye to yet another Marvel creation. Less than 24 hours remain until the sixth and final episode of the Secret Invasion series arrives on Disney+.

With the series reaching its conclusion, many questions remain to be answered and many mysteries remain unsolved. After all, the fourth episode brought some major reveals, including confirmation that an Avenger is, in fact, a Skrull. But much remains to be explored, such as the true nature of the alien invaders and the fate of key characters like Nick Fury and Talos.

Find out everything to expect from the latest episode of “Secret Invasion” and prepare for an epic conclusion.

How did the previous episode end?

In the last episode of “Secret Invasion”, we learned that the Skrulls , a race of shapeshifters, has been infiltrating Earth for years and that many important people are actually Skrulls in disguise. The series also showed that S.W.O.R.D, the agency responsible for protecting Earth from extraterrestrial threats, is involved in a large corruption scheme.

Furthermore, we discover that the leader of the Skrulls , Varanke, is in search of a mysterious object that could change the course of the Earth . The series ended with the revelation that Talos is preparing for a major invasion and that Earth is in danger.

In the fifth episode we also saw that the protagonist of the series, discovered that she has special powers shortly after being exposed to an unknown energy. Monica also had an emotional conversation with her mother, former S.W.O.R.D agent Maria Rambeau, who passed away from cancer.

In addition, the previous episode featured a parallel plot involving the character Nick Fury, who is on a secret mission in space. The series showed that Fury is working with S.W.O.R.D on an operation to stop the Talos invasion.

Director talks too much and fans revolt with the spoiler

In an interview for a TV show, John Smith revealed that the main character, dies at the end. The revelation took fans by surprise and many of them were disgusted by the spoiler.

The fans of the series have spoken out against the director and asked him not to spoil the surprise. Some even asked for the director’s resignation for having revealed the spoiler.

Despite the revolt of the fans, the director did not comment on the subject and the production of the series did not issue any official statement about the spoiler. It now remains for fans to wait to find out if the director’s revelation is true or not.

What to expect for the last episode of Secret Invasion?

We’re coming to the end of “Secret Invasion” and anxiety is getting bigger.

Some points we hope to see in the last episode are:

  • Invasion Answers: What is the fate of the Skrulls? Will they be able to infiltrate Earth and take over? Will you stop the invasion?
  • Character Revelations: We want to know more about the characters we follow throughout the series. Talos and Soren, for example, have a very interesting history and we want to know more about them.
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