Have you marked your calendar yet? Star Wars: The Bad Batch premieres February 21st on Disney+

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The trailer for the third and final season of The Bad Batch has been released, promising an epic and mysterious outcome for the franchise. The series, which has captivated viewers since its debut, is ready to return with more adventures and twists.

In addition to the exciting closure to the story of Clone Force 99, the saga of the clone troopers also brings many interesting facts. It is scheduled to be released on February 21st on Disney+.

Watch the trailer below:


Haven’t watched the other seasons and don’t know what we’re talking about?

The animated series Star Wars: The Bad Batch is one of Dave Filoni’s favorite “children”, derived from Star Wars: The Clone Wars (also written by Dave), and set between the events from Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith (just after the turn from republic to empire) and Star Wars: A New Hope. Even though it’s a sequel, you don’t need to watch all of these productions to understand the context of The Bad Batch, just its first two seasons (although it’s more charming for fans of the complete saga).

Therefore, everything that happens in the series is part of the main Star Wars mythology and several episodes explain events that were briefly mentioned in the cinema and in other series.

With computer graphics far superior to all other animations in the saga, The Bad Batch expands the horizons of Star Wars, bringing characters and situations that explain what has already been seen in Live Action and that will appear in other productions in the franchise.


The series’ protagonists are Clone Force 99, also known as the Bad Batch, a troop of five “defective” clones with genetic mutations that make them different from other clones, embarking on daring mercenary missions across the galaxy. They are: the leader Hunter, the great Wrecker, the computer specialist Tech, the sniper Crosshair, and the intelligent Echo.

Alongside them, the series also features the young Omega, a girl who has worked as a medical assistant on Kamino since season 2. As main villains, we have Hemlock and Palpatine.


The first certainty we have is: the Clone Force 99 never gives up!

In addition to the Batchers scattered after the events of Season 2, the trailer includes some new creatures and familiar faces, followed by intriguing developments and surprises such as Wanda Sykes’ Phee Genoa, Captain Rex, Commander Wolff, Fennec Shand, Cad Bane, and a possible new Clone X. The appearances insinuate that the Clone Force 99 is calling everyone for a confrontation, which would be to invade the empire’s fortress, to save Omega.

The trailer also teases a connection to The Mandalorian, evidenced by mentions of Palpatine and his cloning projects. Emphasis is placed on Dr. Hemlock’s speech, suggesting that he prioritize his scientific projects: “Nothing is more important to ensure the future of the Empire.”

This event, already present in The Mandalorian with the Empire Remnant’s desire for Grogu due to his unique abilities, highlights the continued relevance of these advancements in the Star Wars universe.


The main surprise is certainly the appearance of the bounty hunter Asajj Ventress, which challenges the outcome established with her death in the book Dark Disciple. She appears with white hair and wielding yellow lightsabers, acquired on the galaxy’s clandestine market, also in Dark Disciple. This indicates a possible retcon, that is, a rewriting of events already established for the saga.

Therefore, one of the theories for Ventress’s reappearance is that in Dark Disciple Ventress was thrown into the waters of Dathomir, and the dathomirian spirits entered and resurfaced the nightsister’s body.

“We love Asajj Ventress. She’s a character that we’ve been wanting to tell more stories about (…) We don’t want to spoil anything, but want fans to know that any new storytelling with Ventress will align with the events of Star Wars: Dark Disciple.”

Brad Rau, supervising director and one of the executive producers of the series, tells

When do episodes of Star Wars: The Bad Batch come out?

The third season of The Bad Batch will have a total of 15 episodes, with weekly releases on Disney+. Check the full calendar:

Episode 1 – Confined: February 21
Episode 2 – Paths Unknown: February 21
Episode 3 – Shadows of Tantiss: February 21
Episode 4 – A Different Approach: February 28
Episode 5 – The Return: – March 6
Episode 6 – Infiltration: March 13
Episode 7 – Extraction: March 13
Episode 8 – Bad Territory: March 20
Episode 9 – The Harbinger: March 27
Episode 10 – Identity Crisis: April 3
Episode 11 – Point of No Return: April 3
Episode 12 – Juggernaut: April 10
Episode 13 – Into the Breach: April 17
Episode 14 – Flash Strike: April 24
Episode 15 – The Cavalry Has Arrived: May 1

Will this be a final season entirely focused on taking Mount Tantiss?
A union of bounty hunters?

Regardless of what it is, we know that this ending will say a lot about the future of Star Wars.

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