What to expect from the end of Reacher season two?

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With an astronomical audience, the action series once again delivers a lot of excitement to fans.

After the success of the 1st season, the most watched streaming series in the week of February 7-13, 2022, the 2nd season delivers another finale with lots of action and twists.

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Reacher faithfully follows the story of the book franchise written by Lee Child, who debuted in 1997 with Killing Floor, the book that served as the basis for the 1st season. In season 2, its producer Nick Santora was inspired by Bad Luck and Trouble, the 11th book in the franchise.

In addition to the series, Reacher also won the films “Jack Reacher – The Last Shot” (2012) and “Jack Reacher: No Return” (2016), starring Tom Cruise. However, the series was more faithful to the books, including the protagonist, who in Child’s books is over 1.90m tall and has a menacing appearance, while Tom Cruise is 1.72m tall, which frustrated fans and even the author of the books. According to Lee Child, who described Jack Reacher as extremely tall, broad, with long, muscular arms, long legs, and huge hands the size of dinner plates, Tom Cruise was wrong in the role.


Repeating the success of the 1st season, the 2nd season premiered on Amazon Prime Video on December 15, 2023 with an astronomical audience in the United States. According to the specialized company Nielsen Media, Reacher totaled 1.96 million minutes watched during the week of launch.


Season 2

Reacher receives a coded message that members of his former New York Army unit, the 110th Special Investigations Unit, are being brutally murdered, and finds himself obliged to investigate the case and, of course, revenge them one by one.

Final episode

Reacher and Neagley make a final, desperate attempt to save O’Donnel and Dixon, stop A.M, and avenge their friends’ deaths.



Spoiler alert!

The final episode promises a show of transformations and decisive confrontations. One of the most anticipated moments is how Jack will manage to free O’Donnel and Dixon and escape Shane Langston’s torture. Fans hope he uses his insight and strength, with the possible assistance of his partner Neagley, arriving at a crucial moment.

The last episode still contains a certain mystery about ex-partner Tony Swan collaborating with his partners’ killer. Furthermore, the villain A.M., intermediary between Langston and his illegal weapons buyers, could have an impactful ending.

The success of the second season already raises some expectations for the following seasons. Among them, will these villains now have an end at the hands of Reacher, or does this rivalry still have a lot to reveal?

In any case, fans can now watch the outcome of this show on Amazon Prime Video!

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