The Batman available on HBO MAX

The BATMAN on HBOMAXThe Batman now available on HBOMAX
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It is now official that the latest Batman movie will arrive on HBO Max next Monday, April 18. The date was announced on social networks by the platform itself.

HBO MAX is the home of all your favorite movies and series from Warner Bros., DC, Cartoon Network, TNT, Adult Swim, HBO and Max Originals, plus the ENTIRE Champions League. live matches!

This April, HBO Max offers several highly anticipated releases on HBOMAX ! One of them is The Batman, a movie starring Robert Pattinson in the role of Batman. We also have Venom: Time of Carnage, the second Symbiote feature film starring Tom Hardy; another highlight is Shazam!, a film about a boy who becomes an adult superhero with powers, starring Zachary Levi.


In his second year of fighting crime, Batman uncovers corruption in Gotham City, connecting with his own family as he confronts serial killer known as the Riddler. Robert Pattinson provides a stark and strong portrayal of the Batman. .

The total duration of The Batman is 2 hours and 57 minutes. This is the third longest superhero film in history.


  • Bruce Wayne (Batman): Robert Pattinson

  • Selina Kyle (Gatúbela): Zoë Kravitz

  • Edward Nashton (Acertijo): Paul Dano

  • James Gordon: Jeffrey Wright

  • Carmine Falcone : John Turturro

  • Gil Colson: Peter Sarsgaard

  • Alfred Pennywor: Andy Serkis

  • Oswald “Oz” Cobblepot (Pingüino) : Colin Farrell

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