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El origen de Moon Knight

Moon Knight has traditionally been one of Marvel’s lesser known characters which has allowed marvel to make some key changes from his comic book origins and that of the new streaming series. Originally created by Doug Moench and Don Perlin, Moon Knight’s first comic book appearance in Werewolf by Night issue #32 August 1975. In this issue Marc Spector an ex-military man and son of a rabbi, who decides to use his abilities to becoming a mercenary . While on a mission in Egypt Moon Knight’s life changes completely , when he is visited by the god Khonshu, who then transforms him into the Moon Knight.

He returns to the United States determined to fight crime. Spector invests his small fortune into his crime fighting duties. To distance himself from his past, he creates the identity of millionaire Steven Grant and develops advanced technological armor for his heroic side. At the same time, to maintain his contact with the streets, he also moon lights as taxi driver Jake Lockley. This change of personalities is constant in the history of the character, also known for his mental instability.

Khonshu gave Spector super strength, stamina, and reflexes that improve with the phases of the moon. During a full moon he reaches his full potential, but even during a new Moon he can lift hundreds of pounds. Still, it is unknown how much of his powers come from Khonshu and how much is a result of self-hypnosis and his psychological instability.


Marvel Studios new version of Moon Knight tells a somewhat revised origin story of Steven Grant, a kind-hearted gift shop clerk who suffers from amnesia and experiences flashbacks from another life. Steven discovers that he suffers from dissociative identity disorder and shares a body with mercenary Max Spector. As Steven/Mark’s enemies come together and must grapple with the complexities of their inner identities, a deadly mystery hidden among Egypt’s mighty gods emerges.

Powers and abilities

The main reason fans like to compare Moon Knight to Batman is that they both dedicate their wealth and training to fighting criminals at night and largely operate in the shadows . Marc Spector like Bruce Wayne is a multi-millionaire with various physical and tactical abilities both armed and unarmed. As one of his main antagonists, Taskmaster, points out, Moon Knight is a fighter as ruthless as he is reckless, with little regard for defense. To mitigate this problem, many of their suits are made from nearly unbreakable metals, such as adamantium or carbonadium a substance similar to vibranium.

The character possesses a number of lunar-themed weapons and gadgets, such as darts, spears, and even a helicopter called the “Mooncopter”. However, unlike Batman Moon Knight does possess some level of superpowers

Similar to the comic books Marc Spector gains superhuman strength and physical abilities at night to levels that vary depending on the phases of the moon and his connection to Khonshu, for example, he can support a weight of two tons and become almost invisible.


The cast also includes Ethan Hawke (“Boyhood”), May Calamawy (“Rami”) and Frenchman Gaspard Ulliel (“Saint Laurent”), who died in January in a skiing accident.

The six-episode series premieres on March 30 on Disney +.

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