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SEE_APPLE_TVJason Momoa stars in "SEE" available on Apple TV+
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In the distant future and centuries after a deadly virus has killed most of the world’s population, most of humanity can no longer see. Despite taking place in a dystopian future, most of society has been reduced to hunter-gatherer societies like those of our past. These hunters live in small villages whose inhabitants are at the queen’s mercy. In this world, those blessed with sight are considered a curse with religious fanatics who believe that those born with the site are evil witches.


The main protagonist in “See” is Baba Voss (Jason Momoa) who is the chief of the Alkenny tribe.
Baba Voss is a fierce warrior who is the stepfather of a set of twins, both of whom are mystics. Voss’ character seems tailor-made for Momoa’s powerful presence. After all, the show builds on the star’s reputation as a tall, handsome anti-hero.) And fans of his work on Game of Thrones and Aquaman won’t be disappointed.


Starring alongside Momoa is Dave Bautista, who plays Edo Voss, a fearsome warrior in his own right. The two brothers’ differences are a driving force behind the show’s story.


The series starts off at a slower pace with the first season establishing the main characters and plot points along with general world building. However, it radically picks up the pace in season two, which sets up the epic final season that does a great job of wrapping things up. The show is for mature audiences as the violence seems to increase with each season.


The cinematography of “See” is simply epic, as are most Apple TV+ shows. The sound design immerses the viewer in a world where the sense of sound is essential for survival. As the characters are blind, the fight choreography is unlike anything we’ve ever seen in the movies. In addition to the epic fight scenes, stunning cinematography and and stellar performances undoubtedly keep the viewer hooked.

As one of the top shows available on Apple TV+ “See” enjoyed a successful three-season run that is a showcase and preview of the future of Apple TV+ with a diverse cast. “See” is a must see, all seasons are available on Apple TV.

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