Black Adam and the future of the DC Universe.

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“Shazam” are the words whispered by Teth Adam, the protagonist and anti-hero of the recent film “Black Adam”. When he wishes to transform himself into a hero. As both characters are from what has always been known as the ‘Marvel Family’ (despite not being from the Marvel Comics Universe). However, unlike other family comic book movies, this character offers a darker adult version of the typical movie. of superhero.

Despite having a minor as one of its main characters, is not a kid film. This seems to be the biggest point of criticism from mainstream film critics. HBOMAX is known for its adult content, the platform is better suited for film rather than theaters.

Black Adam

Black Adam is intertwined with his archenemies the Shazam Family. Fawcett Comics published both comic books. The film does not directly link the two characters, as Captain Marvel (Shazaam) has a more comedic tone.

“Black Adam” takes place primarily in a fictional Middle Eastern city called Kahndaq, much like many other DC comic book settings. A fictional city allows the writers to not be tied to any specific historical event that takes place in the real world. For example: Metropolis and Gotham. Kahndaq, while very similar to Egypt, draws heavily from modern conflicts in Middle Eastern regions, which can link many of its internal conflicts to external meddling in a common theme throughout the film. These conflicts serve as the backdrop for the main story of the reveal of Black Adam’s origin story, which took a surprising turn different from the comics.


One of the most enjoyable aspects of the film was the inclusion of other superheroes such as Hawkman and Dr. Fate. The unexpected presence added a much-needed dimension to the film. Fans were also in for a big surprise after the end credits when the current Superman made an appearance that left fans feeling hopeful.

DC’s New Age

Unfortunately, Black Adam’s long-awaited film debut met with mixed results. The film turned out to be a financial failure. However, it seems to have set the stage for the next era of DC’s film franchise.

Plans for a crossover between Superman and Black Adam appear to have been scrapped less than 60 days after the film’s release. Given that many questions remain about the future of the franchise when new boss James Gunn takes over. Gunn has expressed that he wants to reset the entire DC Universe and start from scratch.

Gunn further shocked fans by announcing the cancellation of the Wonder Woman franchise, starring Gal Gadot. However, the Wonder Woman character is expected to return to theaters at some point.

Hopefully the next installment of DC movies will retain Black Adam, even if he doesn’t get reprised by Dwayne Johnson. All in all, Black Adam is a fun watch and well worth watching for existing HBOMAX subscribers.

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