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Everyone enjoys a great meal and many people are curious as to how their favorite dishes are prepared. As internet speeds  have increased dramatically over the past two decades so has the ability to consume insightful content. Do it yourselfers obsessed with replicating the methods of  how popular chefs prepare delicious meals search  social networks and the countless culinary “reality” series available on numerous streaming platforms . Now, you don’t need to be a famous chef to know what spheronization is, the use of liquid nitrogen and how to prepare a typical dish from another corner of the earth as most of this information can be obtained via video. This love of cooking and food has also produced a large number of “gourmet” titles and miniseries . 

Master Chef (HULU)

Multi-Michelin starred chef , Gordon Ramsay acts as both chef and judge in probably the most popular cooking show on Television where amateur chefs compete in a series of cooking challenges Each week they battle to survive elimination and to achieve the status of a MasterChef . While Ramsey is very strict and tough on the amateur chefs, he has to in order to drive home the importance of professionalism in a restaurant environment. Ramsey also hosts many other popular cooking shows including a much lighter family friendly Master Chef show where kids compete for the same title.

Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown (HBO MAX)

Join world-renowned chef Anthony Bourdain as he travels across the planet to explore obscure destinations and diverse cultures while exploring their cultures and cuisines from Little Ethiopia in Los Angeles to the Streets of Shanghai. Food lovers and cooking shows as well as most aspiring chefs will love Parts Unknown as they can discovery cultures and cuisines from places they did not know existed.

THE LOST KITCHEN ( Discovery+ )

Divorced single mother Erin French finally achieves her life’s dream when she opened a restaurant in her hometown of Freedom, Maine. Many travelers from all over the planet gather at The Lost Kitchen to enjoy Erin’s cuisine. Every week features a new story with newly discovered ingredients and new challenges are confronted . As reservations are only accepted via postcard her female only staff of close colleagues form a bond of sisterhood and focus their efforts on pleasing the patrons as opposed to competing with other restaurants. The most enjoyable part of the show aside from the delicious dishes is the feel good stories of comradery and friendship shared by the friendly staff enjoying a simple life in Freedom.


TOURNAMENT OF CHAMPIONS has interesting format which combines a modern competition show where contestants battle each other mixed with of the other cookie shows tutorial style where the cooks explain their specific cooking methods combined with harsh critiques of their meals similar to other popular cooking shows offers a entertainment mix of different genres in one show.


Imagine a Chef’s table mixed with a Jesús Quintero talk show and you will get an idea of what One Life, One Dinner is. The star chef Quique Dacosta summons a celebrity and prepares a dinner tailored to her personality and biography. The process of creating the dishes is creativity in the wild, the guests come relaxed and ready to play, and Dacosta reveals himself as a \sort of psychologist, although something tells me that most of the interviewees are his friends. Najwa Nimri and Alejandro Sanz are the most prominent celebrities in this 6-episode series.


Foodie love ( HBOMAX )

The series directed by Isabel Coixet is an impossible equation of snobbery, pedantry, foodie delusion, first dates, Wong Kar Wai and Instagram. Throughout 8 episodes, Laia Costa and Guillermo Pfening fall in love philosophizing about pizzas, ramen, drinking in hipster cafes and competing with a clean bite to see who can drop the best idea.


Ugly Delicious (NETFLIX) 

Dave Chan, owner of the famous Momofuku Noodle Bar in New York, and winner of two Michelin Stars, shows us how everything fits in the world of cuisine. From the best pizza in Naples, to the reinventions of this mythical Italian dish carried out by Japanese chefs and even the pizzas of a well-known fast foo chain.

Ugly Delicious’ documentary style  series in which Chang travels the world seeking to reaffirm the idea that in order to savor a delicious dish it does not have to be a visual marve or a cliche environmentl, Ugly Delicious is an ode to creativity and flavor in its purest form!

ElBulli : Story of a dream (AMAZON PRIME VIDEO)

From 1963 to 2017, the documentary series ElBulli: Story of a dream  chronicles not just  the beginnings of the famous restaurant, but also how the renowned chef Ferrán Adrià turned his kitchens into a cuisine  laboratory, where he could experiment with different techniques, such as the famous spherifications, and products culinary, which today are part of the most avant-garde cuisine. At the beginning of the 80s, Adriá decided to put aside the traditional recipes, to become the creator of his own dishes, of a kitchen with his own stamp, which every aspiring chef must study.

Street Food: AsiaStreet Food (NETFLIX) 

The creators of Chef’s Table travel to the Asian continent to offer us a succulent journey in which we will meet some of the most veteran street chefs in several countries. Thanks to Street Food: Asia you can travel to the heart of Osaka (Japan), Delhi, (India), Yogyakarta (Indonesia), Chiayi (Taiwan), Seoul (South Korea), Ho Chi Minh (Vietnam), Singapore and Cebu ( Philippines) all from the comfort of your sofa.

When you meet the tireless Jay Fai, the protagonist of the first episode of the docuseries, you will never underestimate street food again. His years of work, on the streets of Bangkok, and his secret touch for the crab omelets, noodles and spicy tom yum soup, led Fai to win a prestigious Michelin Star in 2007. An award that has not changed his way of cooking as he prefers to stay humble.

Cooking with Julius (AMAZON PRIME VIDEO)

“The most cheeky chef on television”, as he defines himself, Julius Bienert embarks on a trip to Southeast Asia with the Recording the World team. In Cooking with Julius, the Mallorcan chef, who has worked alongside great chefs from the national scene such as Karlos Arguiñano, Juan Mari Arzak and Pedro Subijana, among others, Julius travels the world with the main objective being to learn new techniques from local chefs that he can incorporate into his kitchen.

Chef’s Table (NETFLIX) 

David Gelb is the creator of one of the most popular culinary documentary series in recent years Chef’s Table. The  series like so many others is essentially  a trip around the world to meet some of the most prestigious international chefs. Chef’s Table has a total of six volumes, including one dedicated exclusively to French cuisines and another for Pastry. In the latter, it is worth highlighting the episode dedicated to Jordi Roca , who explains his beginnings in the kitchen and how he dedicated himself to specialize in the exciting universe of desserts and pastries that he creates with such care that they could pass for true architectural works of art.

Some notable Chef’s that appear on the series : The Italian chef and butcher, Dario Cecchini; a chef with three Michelin stars, Francis Mallmann; the first chef with two Michelin Stars in the United States, Dominique Crenn, and the pastry chef Christina Tosi, founder of the Milk Bar, are some of the famous names for which this series has become a worldwide success. 

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